Policy Discussions

An open, transparent, inclusive bottom-up policy development process governs the way Internet number resources are distributed in Africa. These policies are proposed, discussed and accepted or rejected by the AFRINIC community. Anyone can participate: you do not have to be an AFRINIC member and anyone is welcome to propose a policy as well as to discuss policies during the AFRINIC Meetings or on the AFRINIC Resource Policy Discussion (rpd) mailing list.

During the AFRINIC-24 Meeting, public policy discussions will take place. Remote participation is facilitated and encouraged for those people who are unable to travel to the venue.

These sessions are characterised by lively debates where the community expresses their views and concerns on several factors that affect Internet number resource allocation and management. Policy proposals are presented at the event by the proposer (or other nominated person) and the two Policy Development Working Group Co-Chairs moderate the deliberations. All policies follow a process whereby they are either approved, rejected or do not reach a consensus. In the latter case, they are sent back to the mailing list for further discussion.